An introduction

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for when life takes you nowhere

This month I was given the topic of the David Bowie song Golden Years. Whilst this is an unlikely topic to be repeated around schools, I hope you find inspiration in the words written for encouraging hope in any group of young people! I get impatient One thing I know about myself, I don’t… Continue reading for when life takes you nowhere

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Fasting from negativity

Remind Your Parents In two days’ time, something new is starting and that is the season of Lent which means excitingly tomorrow is Pancake Day (also known as Shrove Tuesday). I’m sure many of you are going to go home to make sure your parents know that tomorrow you are having pancakes for breakfast and… Continue reading Fasting from negativity

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10,000 Reasons

For this talk, I was asked to reflect on the song 10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman Bless the Lord Who here, like me, is not a morning person? I am NOT a morning person, nor have I ever been a morning person – even on days that are exciting or important I struggle to… Continue reading 10,000 Reasons

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On my last count, I have 354 facebook friends, 398 twitter followers and 154 Instagram followers. I am connected to them, therefore in relationship with them, but is it a good relationship, could I trust them all? Your theme this term, has been to look at the 7 keys to good relationships. Today we are… Continue reading TRUST