Don’t judge a book by its cover!

Start with a pile of books next to you 

Good morning year 7,

This morning I’ve got a game for you! Who here likes crisps? Who here likes them so much that they think they could tell a flavour without seeing the packet? crisp game 

Acknowledge the pile of books. Have you ever heard of the term, don’t judge a book by its cover? I wonder how often we do or don’t do that. How often we decide something about someone or something just by what it’s dressed in! I wonder if any of you have done that in your first few weeks of Year 7! Visuals can serve as good clues, but you have to get to know someone to know the real truth. Like the crisp game – you had to taste the crisp to know what it really is!

(Take a book off of the pile) I wonder what kind of book this is? What is contains? Would you read it? (it would be good if you had a book to give away – I would get something you that is popular for their age group at the time!). Take another book.

(This book is my journal) What kind of book do you think this is? What do you think is in it? What kind of person writes it?

(Bible) What kind of book is this? I wonder what you think of this book? Do you judge this book? Have you ever read it? What do you think is in it?

This morning I want to tell you one the strangest stories found in the Bible. This is about the Man who was left-handed!

This is one of my favourite parts of the bible (genuinely! – I clearly have pre-teen homour). How many of you are left handed? The man who was left handed was called Ehud which sounds a bit like someone sneezing! All we know about Ehud, is his name, that he is an Israelite and that he is left handed.

There’s one more thing we know and it is that he is living in a time where Israel is being oppressed by an evil king. God gives courage to this guy Ehud who is a left-handed man.

Ehud goes to the King under the pretense of having a gift and a secret message to give him. He also goes with a sword strapped to his leg, but remember he is a left- handed guy, it is very important to the story. Also the Bible seems to think its important for us to know that King Eglon is a very fat man. This isn’t fat-shaming, it’s to draw attention to how evil, greedy and grotesque this King is.

Ehud gives the kings servants the gift and tells the king “Your Majesty, I have a secret message for you.”, the king was intrigued and orders his sservants to leave.

Before they leave though, they would have done a security check, but Ehud was a left handed man. Most people were right handed and so they would have straped their sword to their left leg. The security wouldn’t have checked for one strapped to a right leg. The king would have been totally surprised when Ehud reached left hand, drew the sword from his right thigh and plunged it into the King’s belly.

This is what the bible says:

“Ehud reached with his left hand, pulled the sword from his right thigh, and drove it into Eglon’s belly. The handle went in after the blade, and the fat closed around the blade, and his bowels discharged.  Ehud did not pull the sword out of his belly.  As Ehud went out into the hallway, he closed the doors of the upper room behind him and locked them. When Ehud had left, Eglon’s servants came and saw the locked doors of the upper room. They said, “He must be relieving himself in the cool room.” (it smelled like he was taking a rather large poo- my edit!). They waited so long they were embarrassed, but he still did not open the doors of the upper room. Finally, they took the key and opened the doors. Right before their eyes was their master, sprawled out dead on the floor! 

I wonder if you expected that? I’m certain the King was not expecting the man to kill him! He looked at the cover and made a poor judgment. Let’s flip it though, have we ever made a judgment on the outside of someone and really good it wrong. Like in our crisp game, you need to fully get to know someone before you d

We all know the feeling of someone making judgments about other people! I want to see how well you know your tutor (optional – it was an extended assembly)

Mr & Mrs (tutor & pupil!)

How well do you know your tutor?
What subject do they teach?
What is your tutors faveourite colour
What colour tie are they wearing today?
Would they rather meet The Queen or Beyonce
Would they rather chocolate or crisps?
What job did they want to do when they were a child?
If you win the prize will your tutor give them out or keep them for themselves?

Many of you already know but if you haven’t worked it out, I am a Christian and I think often people want to make judgments knowing that. It is the same with our club – you might look at the outside and think they know what it is, or what I’m like if I am a Christian. In some things, they may be correct but they’d never know for sure unless they Taste & See.

You are not long into your time at secondary school. You may have come here with a group of friends or maybe you came alone. Whichever your situation, why don’t you choose to get to know someone new this week?

…pick up crisps ….eat… sometimes you have to really get to know someone before making the assumptions! Maybe you will get to know the person who will be your best friend all through your time here!

Photo by Karim Ghantous on Unsplash

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