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for when life takes you nowhere

This month I was given the topic of the David Bowie song Golden Years. Whilst this is an unlikely topic to be repeated around schools, I hope you find inspiration in the words written for encouraging hope in any group of young people!

I get impatient

One thing I know about myself, I don’t like waiting. I’m impatient, I get irritable and sometimes I even just give up and check out. If you are anything like me, you are not a big fan of the process, you just want to get to the end of the story or the queue.


What if everything in your life, mundane, ordinary basic, or even the exciting and instworthy, what if every moment was wearving you into a story much bigger and more intricate than we could ever ask or imagine. What if we saw every single moment of our life as integral to this process, moving us to where we are to be who we are to be, impacting every life we see in ways that we don’t even always understand or find out about. What if we believed every moment was important, even the ones we don’t want to snap.

Don’t let me hear life is taking you nowhere

Sometimes it feels as if life is taking you nowhere. That every momentary up, is just that, momentary and unnecessary and as if the destination is a trick to the eye, getting further and further away. I know it can feel like this; but I also know that every single one of us is woven uniquely into a pattern much larger than our minds can know.

Each one of us has a unique part to play, and every moment is working that into being. Even when we feel otherwise.

If you are feeling your life is taking you nowhere, let your heart and mind hear today that it is a lie. Your life is always taking you somewhere, even when you are stumbling around in darkness. So let your heart hope, live and have peace in the process. I know that is easier to say and harder to live out especially when like is wake up, learn, ear, sleep, Netflix & repeat… or however, yours regularly looks but change is coming. If you feel really lost in this darkness, these are some people you can talk to…

A Story of Two Sons

We can want to check out, fast track life when it’s going slow. This reminds me of a story about two sons. One took his dads inheritance and went out to spend it, one who stayed at home and worked hard for his dad; both who saw their lives as going nowhere. The first son went off and spent all his money on the things he thought would make life more exciting and seem like he’s going somewhere. Yet as the sing Golden Years says

Last night they loved you,

but as Fame; the song Bowie released previous to Golden Years says

Fame puts you there where things are hollow.

Like the plastic Soul that Golden Years is, where not every soul sound is true soul; the first son realised not everything that glitters is gold. Finally broke and humiliated, he returns to his father, to where he once belonged, believing himself to only be accepted as a servant. Instead his father calls him back, to his once held sonship.

You have it all now

The second son, clearly saw his life as going nowhere because when he hears of his brothers return and refused to join the party, he says “ I never had anything” and yet His dad says, “you always had everything – you were always here to access it.”

Both sons thought that they had nothing from their life and yet they had everything they ever needed. Jesus told this story about our heavenly Father. It applies to us who know Christ, we have everything we needed. Ephesians tells us we have every spiritual blessing in Christ!

In Golden Years Bowie sing “I’ll stick with you for a thousand years”. Jesus sticks with us through all things, forever.

So, don’t let me hear you say life is taking you nowhere. Everything is part of something much bigger.

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