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Working Together

working together I wanted to start this assembly with a giveaway, but before I do I would like you to picture your favourite kind of cake! Think about all of it, its layers, the topping, the flavour. Imagine, I am about to give away, for free, your favourite cake! Imagine it's in this bag what… Continue reading Working Together

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On my last count, I have 354 facebook friends, 398 twitter followers and 154 Instagram followers. I am connected to them, therefore in relationship with them, but is it a good relationship, could I trust them all? Your theme this term, has been to look at the 7 keys to good relationships. Today we are… Continue reading TRUST

Fear, Stress, Worry

Fear & Worry

  Have you ever heard of Appliance Anxiety? It's this reoccurring thought that happens as you leave the house or are out and about, this overpowering anxiety… have I turned my hair straighteners off? Or it could be the oven, the hairdryer.... any kind of electrical appliance! Have you ever experienced it? Some days you can… Continue reading Fear & Worry