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On my last count, I have 354 facebook friends, 398 twitter followers and 154 Instagram followers. I am connected to them, therefore in relationship with them, but is it a good relationship, could I trust them all? Your theme this term, has been to look at the 7 keys to good relationships. Today we are… Continue reading TRUST

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Living Life in Faith

  Verse of the week: Matthew 13:31-32 Hello Autumn Much as I hate to admit it, officially it is Autumn now. It happened a week ago, we said goodbye to the summer and hoped it would photobomb Autumn for a little while. What is your favourite season? I love summer, but Autumn does contain some… Continue reading Living Life in Faith

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Bread of Life | Provision

Verse of the day: Philippians 4:19 I often like to think about food; I am a self-confessed foodie! Therefore it didn’t surprise me that when looking at this verse I began thinking about a story containing food. It made me think about a story you may know called “The feeding of the 5000”. The crowds… Continue reading Bread of Life | Provision

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Good Things Come To Those Who Wait!

DAVID AND SAUL Good morning! We are going to start off this morning with an instant win game! I need two volunteers for this one and a teacher! If the pupils win then you win the inside for your form. If the teacher wins they win it for the teacher's lounge. If I recall correctly… Continue reading Good Things Come To Those Who Wait!